Observed Drawing

In your sketchbook, draw a picture of your most valued possession from observation.

Make sure it fills the page

You can use colour if you wish

Make sure you select something visually interesting (no electronic equipment)

Due in next lesson


Beast Research

Beast research A4 sheet (find ppt)


Fauvism Research and Presentation

Looking at the work of other artists is an integral part of your learning about Art and Design. Use the following instructions as a structure for producing your presentation about the Fauvist artists.


Not Colouring in sheet  

Using the resource sheet provided

Render the three fruits using colouring pencils.

Try out all three techniques to create accurate colour effects.

To do this well you should look at images of the different fruit to see the variety of colours possible and watch the rendering tutorials added below – even better, work from observation.

This worksheet is due in next week

Durers Rhino

Durer’s Rhino Sheet

Using the resource sheet provided

Answer the four questions using full sentences

Use technical vocabulary in order to be as accurate as possible

A black fine liner should be used for the pattern-making task

This worksheet is due in next week

This task has been designed to develop your skills using a black fineliner to create pattern and the appearance of texture on your own Fantasy Beast design.